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2022 二月

We invite you to revisit our Taiwan Bottle Post program, which took place in collaboration with E-Dance Theatre at Venue | Taiwan. The program offered discussion about innovation in the digital arts through seminars and artist talks, while screening international dance films and streams to both a live and virtual audience.

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舞蹈電影 | 主要片單

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舞蹈電影 | 影展關注

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Project team

Artistic Director / Curator: Jasmine Fan | Technical / Communications Director: Doria Worden | Co-curator / Producer: Dr. Xiang-Jun Fan | Production Manager / Producer: Shu Han Yang | Technical team: YVC Studio | Interpreters: Mina Wang, Yu Pi Chen, Yijing, Betty Yi-Chun Chen, Dr. Stefanie Eschenlohr | Graphic designer: Dan Yu Chang | Photography: Tobias Hoops and Che Lee Hsin | Website programmer: Falk Schulze