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Edging Normal

  • Panorama Special Program | USA


A metaphorical tale of a man’s struggle in letting go of his past in order to feel completely free – we find our protagonist, portrayed by Desmond Richardson, stuck in a limbo-like cycle while attempting to achieve a breakthrough. This tale is a metaphor of the creative process and the struggle one goes through as an artist, while searching for an idea.

Desmond Richardson, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, dances a new work choreographed by Jacob Jonas. Directed by Andre Bato, Edging Normal features music co-composed by visionary Steve Hackman and jazz icon Dave Koz, a nine-time Grammy Award-nominated saxophonist.


Edging Normal
Director: Andre Bato
Choreographer: Jacob Jonas
Featuring: Desmond Richardson
Composers: Steve Hackman, Dave Koz
Saxophone: Dave Koz
Cinematographer: Arseni Khachaturan
Mixed by Matt Hennessy
Stylist: Tracey Nicholson
Head of Post Production: Nicky Keros
Executive Producer: Maximilian Kurzweil
Editor: Andre Bato
Grade: Joseph Bicknell – Company 3
Visual Effects: Tyler Givens
Title Design: Jordan Marks
1st Assistant Camera : Davide Sorasio
Drone Light: Brooklyn Aerials
Movi Op: Ryan Hamelin, Erin Trout
Gaffer: Sam Dahman
Photographer: Drew Korn
Production Assistant: Nabil Elbehri, Vincent Manginelli, Grizzly Bocourt
Production: Andre Bato Corp
Special Thanks To Arri, The Whitetail, Archie Lee Coates IV, Anthony Bryant, Alexander Hammer

Produced by Jacob Jonas The Company
Executive Producer/Creative Director: Jacob Jonas
Producers: Jill Wilson, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, Mathieu Wothke
Associate Producers: Joy Isabella Brown, Francisco Cruz, Steve Hackman, Emily Kikta, Rubberlegz, Anibal Sandoval, Mike Tyus, Peter Walker
In partnership with Somewhere Magazine
Co-presented by Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

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Director: Andre Bato @andrebato

Choreographer:  Jacob Jonas @jacobjonasthecompany

Featuring: Desmond Richardson @desmondrich7

Composer: Steve Hackman @stevehackmanmusic 

Composer & Saxophonist: Dave Koz @davidstephenkoz

Cinematographer: Arseni Khachaturan @arsenikhachaturandp

Producer: Jacob Jonas The Company

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Jacob Jonas The Company (JJTC) is a creative company that intersects dance across mediums to make original works and initiates nontraditional collaborations.

JJTC consist of choreographers, makers, creative thinkers, cultural researchers, educators, futurists, activists, and administrators. Our work engages diverse and untapped populations, increasing the visibility of dance as an art form in Los Angeles and globally through live performance and media landscapes.

JJTC collaborated worldwide with practitioners, institutions, scientists, and technologists to support ambition ad invention across artistic fields. JJTC represents and manages artists to help push forward their talents for a wide range of projects. The company hosts community events, educational classes and workshops in order to further deepen our relationships and intellectual exchanges with people around the world.

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