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September 2021

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For our fourth annual festival, we are brining international dance films and live dance performance streams to our digital platform as well as live in Hamburg at METROPOLIS Kino and Kraftwerk Bille. TANZAHOi – Take Part in Another World, the main program from 3. – 5. Sept, focuses on the theme “body and image under the pandemic”. The main theme gives way to the sub-topic “the live-nature of movie language in film” which embodies our collaborative additional program, Panorama Special Program from 10. – 11. Sept, as well as the Audience Choice 2020 and Fringe Market programs. A display of the possibilities that on-screen dance and technology have to offer that you won’t want to miss!

The communication between artists and the audience is an essential part of the festival, and each program day will give the viewers the chance to interact with and learn more about the filmmakers and choreographers.

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03. - 11. Sep 2021

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here you can create, where the world is your audience

With this year’s program of international artists, let yourself be transported to new worlds. We have an incredible line-up of films and dance performances whose creators will be with us, live, after the program to share insight into their work. Read on to get a first look into their creative processes!

Watch directly on tanzahoi.org, and join us after the performances to talk with the artists about their work! 

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The Stages Trailer

Angelos Papadopoulos & Katerina Tsakiri

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Virus Trailer

Nauris Buksevics

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Siamoise Trailer

Hai Wen HSU

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The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time Trailer

Kyra Jean Green & Vincent René-Lortie


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Gib hier deine Überschrift ein

Inspired by the chemistry
between dance and film

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TANZAHOi is an independent group, created and carried out by artists who wish to cooperate with others with the same passion we know goes into the creation of artistic work. 

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