TANZAHOi’s upcoming festival on November 3 – 4 promises an exciting lineup of international short dance films and digital dance installations. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Film Selection and Themes:

– The festival features international short dance films selected for the main program under five themes: dance as ritual, identity, nature and environments, beyond body and space, and social issues. These themes are based on common concepts found in the films submitted through the annual open call.

– The festival includes a Panorama Special Program that features films outside the common themes. These films feature work from local Hamburg artists, and international guests.

Digital Dance Installations:

– In addition to films, TANZAHOi will present digital dance installations in the foyer of Metropolis Kino. These installations will showcase the intersection of technology and dance, including AR, VR and visual effects.
– The installations are curated in collaboration with festival partners TANZRAUSCHEN, Moovy Festival, and tanz:digital. The collaborative curation of the installation program is an experiment with “decentralized organization,” in which multiple platforms share resources, knowledge and projects in order to realize the communally agreed-upon result, in this case, a program of digital installations in Hamburg.

Festival Opening:

– The first two parts of the film series, “Future Futures” by Canadian dance company Company 605, will be screened as the opening film of the festival. The screening will be followed by guided tours of the digital installations in the foyer, which will also include the full film series.

Web 3.0 Panel Discussion:

– Web3.0 represents an internet, where power is distributed rather than centralized. Blockchain technology, known for transparent transactions and protection, play a role in this context.
– The festival will host a discussion on Web3.0 and the possibilities of bringing the concept of decentralization into festival organization. Invited to the panel are artists and experts who utilize Web3.0 tools, like NFTs, in their creative work.
– The panel guests, coming from the fields of dance film, AR, VR, and AI will give insight into and explore how decentralization can impact creativity and curation.


– Films in the main program are eligible for the Claussen-Simon-Stiftung Feature Award and Audience Choice Award.

– The Claussen-Simon-Stiftung Feature Award will be determined by a jury, while the Audience Choice Award will be based on votes from the festival audience.

– Both awards will be presented on the final day of the festival at Metropolis Kino.

Artist Engagement:

– The TANZAHOi Program encourages artists to discuss their work through artist introductions and Q&A sessions during the program at Metropolis Kino. The audience is also invited to participate in these discussions and interact with the artists.

Networking Opportunities:

– After the film screenings, there will be a gathering at the Metropolis Bar, providing the opportunity for attendees to engage in lively discussions with the festival team and participating artists.


Tickets are available at the box office at Metropolis Kino 30 minutes before the start of the events on 3. & 4. Nov. and in the Metropolis Kino ticket-shop online.

The festival promises an intriguing blend of dance, technology, discussions on decentralization, and opportunities for both artists and audiences to engage with the creative process. It’s a unique event that aims to push the boundaries of collaboration and decentralization in the world of digital dance and festival organization.

The TANZAHOi team warmly invites international artists and audience members to come together for an exciting festival program of short dance films and digital installations at Metropolis Kino on November 3 and 4. From the films received through our festival’s annual open call, the creative styles and political landscapes of the artists were genuinely reflected through the subjects they chose to focus on. This year’s program of captivating dance films assembles five themes for the screen: dance as a ritual, identity, nature and environment, beyond body and space, and social issues, as well as the Panorama Special Program, featuring films outside of these themes. Instead of proposing subject frameworks during the open call for the film selection, we work closely with the artists and the ideas they present to shape the program curation. As a result, the idea of decentral organization for the festival was inspired, fueled also by the growing awareness of Web3.0, a new era of the internet that embraces decentralized concepts, blockchain technology, and token-based economics.

As early as 1994, Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the Internet, proposed the concept of the Semantic Web, also referred to as “Web 3.0.” It aims to create a “Resource Description Framework” (RDF) readable by various machines, connecting global knowledge, bridging different cultural contexts and the semantic understanding differences between humans and machines.

For digital migrants and native digital artists, this emerging Web3.0 environment is a playground full of possibilities. However, understanding the political organization in Web3.0, for example, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), the technical structures and the cultural significance have become unavoidable for digital art creators.

Festivals and theater organizations have never made a decentralized choice regarding  structurization, planning and program content selection. What are the possibilities and definitions of a decentralized arts festival? What consequences might the “decentralization movement” face? This year, in collaboration with partners Tanzrauschen, Moovy Festival, tanz:digital, and Company 605, we experiment with co-curation through six digital dance installations. Under the conditions chosen by each organization, contributions, governance, and trust individually facilitate the digital dance installations presented in the Metropolis Kino foyer. To reflect, we discuss the possibilities of decentralized co-curation with guest artists and experts who are active in the Web3.0 sphere in a panel discussion at the festival opening on November 3.

The TANZAHOi team welcomes you to experience our two-day dance film festival and immersive experience of digital dance works that transcend technical and artistic limits. Join us in challenging traditions, exploring the transformative power of collaboration, and unveiling the future of digital dance. Enjoy the festival!

TANZAHOi is an international festival celebrating dance and dance film. Its journey began in 2018 with dance workshops held at Hochschulsport Hamburg. By 2020, the festival had evolved to present a captivating dance film program, carefully curated from submissions received through an international open call.

In 2022, TANZAHOi introduced an extension of their main program,  ‘TANZAHOi Bottle Post,’ designed to foster connections between global arts organizations and showcase digital dance creations. The inaugural edition of this program unfolded in Taipei (Taiwan) during February 2022 and later at the Tanzrauschen Festival in Wuppertal (Germany) in August 2022. The second edition was realized in April 2023 through a collaboration with Thessaloniki Cinedance International in Thessaloniki (Greece).

The core essence of the festival revolves around forging global and multicultural bonds within the realms of dance, film, and digital arts. With a commitment to building diverse international bridges, the festival extends its platform to facilitate artistic, professional, and cultural exchange through dance, dance film, and digital media.


TANZAHOi International Festival for Dance 2023 is supported with funds from the Hamburg Culture Foundation and Claussen-Simon-Foundation. Thanks to our event partner, Metropolis Kino.