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A space that is supposed to be protective. A home. A house.  Objects don’t talk, don’t feel, don’t express, yet.  But the danger transfers. The anxiety can’t be covered. The stain on the walls neither. Time becomes undefined and the space is not inhabited anymore. An indeterminate waiting season causes mimesis, pressure, inertia. Pass across a phase of not being to be able to be, like a necessary passage to rebuild and experiment.  The emptiness takes the time to let something new arrive.  The swollen wood no longer gnash, it shouts.


Interpreter: Julián Larroza | Directed, Screenplay, Film Editing and Camera by: Julián Larroza | Directing Assistance by: Nahime Barraza and Juan Manuel Svampa | Choreography by: Federico Cáceres Iglesias | Music by: Stevie Marinaro | Cinematography and Color Grading by: Nahime Barraza | Sound Post Production by: Agustín Guaraz | Artistic Assistance by: Adolfo Agopian and Maive Carone Fernández | Credits Design by: Jesse Bijma

Julián Larroza

| Biography

Julián Larroza is an Argentinian filmmaker and post-producer. He received a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual postproduction from the National University of Lanús. He is passionate about experimental film, video art, and dance film, with which he has managed to participate in festivals, competitions, and exhibitions on a national and international scale. Some of his works include:

– “Liminal” – Dance Film – 2020 (Winner, Festival Favorite “Opine Dance Film Festival”, Philadelphia, 2021; Official Selection, “Cuerpo Mediado International Dance Film Festival”, Rosario, 2020)

– “Lucarna” – Experimental Film – 2019 (Finalist of the “33rd Premio Georges Méliès Contest”, UNCIPAR, Institut français d’Argentine, 34th MDQ Film Fest, Buenos Aires, 2019)

– “Trascender” – Dance Film – 2017 (Special Mention for Best Editing by Judge Margarita Bali, “5° FAH! (5th Heterogeneous Audiovisual Festival)” UNLa, Buenos Aires, 2017)

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