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Asterion’s Rooms is an online maze, inhabited by the minotaur arising from combinations of single bodies. Novissimo Bestiario has always investigated anthropomorphic combinations that are inserted in its collection of ‘monsters’ (from the Latin monstrum, “portent”, “prodigy”, which can take on ambivalent nuances). These ‘monsters’ and their dances will appear live from video chat windows.


Artistic Direction – Fedra Boscaro | Choreography – Caterina Mocciola | Dancers – Anna Albertarelli, Alice Monti, Riccardo De Simone, Francesca Burzacchini, Caterina Mocciola | IT team – Inkode | Original Sound Score – Alessandro Gallerani, Stefano Passini | Animations – Sara Filippi Plotgher

Novissimo Bestiario

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Novissimo Bestiario is a ‘protean’ project that, since 2007, has developed participatory authorship pathways in collaboration with many artists. From dance to multimedia installation, from experimental theater to site-specific performances, from costume and masks creation to the collaboration with visual and sound artists: we are interested in being in dialogue with the contemporary ‘imagery’ and new ‘monsters’ (from Latin ‘monstrum’: prodigy, portent, which can take on ambivalent nuances).

Photo of Fedra Boscaro, artistic director Novissimo Bestiario

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