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This film is a visual exploration of the expectations of manhood and the internal fight and dialogue with the self, embodied by the three protagonists. While each of them fights for dominance they simultaneously expose their weaknesses, tearing each other down, lifting each other up and struggling to find support in moments of fading strength. Eventually they will try to break free from the constant struggle just to be torn back again into this vicious cycle.

Berlin-based director Torben Loth captures the original choreography of London-based Waddah Sinada, founder of FUBUNATION. The work is performed by Conal Finn Francis-Martin, Robert Robinson and Jamal Uhlmann, all dancers with State Ballet Hanover, and features an original sound design by Peter Duffy, original score by Pete Fraser and wardrobe by Chinese-born, London-based designer Feng Chen Wang.


Director: Torben Loth
Choreographer: Waddah Sinada
Featuring: Robert Robinson, Conal Finn Francis-Martin, Jamal Uhlmann
Sound Design: Peter Duffy
Score: Pete Fraser
Cinematographer: Lasse Liebelt
1st AC: Christoph Hövel
1st AD: Valentin Wanker
Wardrobe: Feng Chen Wang
Editor & Color: Torben Loth
Associate Producer: Robert Robinson
Special Thanks: Ivan Hughes, Nikita Zdravkovic, Staatsballett Hannover, Marco Goecke

Produced by Jacob Jonas The Company
Executive Producer/Creative Director: Jacob Jonas
Producers: Jill Wilson, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, Mathieu Wothke
Associate Producers: Joy Isabella Brown, Francisco Cruz, Steve Hackman, Emily Kikta, Rubberlegz, Anibal Sandoval, Mike Tyus, Peter Walker
In partnership with Somewhere Magazine
Co-presented by Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

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Director: Torben Loth @torbenloth

Choreographer: Waddah Sinada @waddah_sinada


Robert Robinson @robert_robinson07

Conal Finn Francis-Martin @cffrancismartin

Jamal Uhlmann @jamaluhlmn__

Sound Design: Peter Duffy

Score: Pete Fraser @petefrasermusic

Cinematographer:  Lasse Liebelt @lasseliebelt

Producer: Jacob Jonas The Company

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