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I Don’t Walk, I Dance

Hong Kong

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Her name is Cindy. She danced ballet since she was young but now majors in contemporary dance. She comes from Malaysia but studies in Hong Kong. Dance is her form of expression for her psychological struggles. We all walk different paths in life, but she doesn’t walk, she dances.


Director: Darren Tan Ter Loong | Producer: Charlie Liu Sinyi | Dancer: Cindy Ng Pei Fong | Editor: Wendy Chan Nga Wing | Cinematographer: Kole Wong Siu Lok

Darren Tan Ter Loong

| Biography

As a director, Darren strives to hone his skills, improve his craft and develop his natural intuition as a director through his films. He seeks to entertain audiences through a fusion of relatable characters and unique concepts, with a wholesome story at the heart of it all. He aims to be able to direct a wide range of content, spanning across different genres.

An avid fan of Hong Kong and Japanese Cinema, he enjoys and draws inspiration from films made by directors such as Johnnie To, John Woo & Takashi Miike, whom he considers among his top favorites. He admires their ability to tell stories that range from stylistic action to even the bizarre complexities of the human mind.

Darren is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts.

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