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Days Like These


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Days Like These is an animated piece that celebrates dance in the midst of a global pandemic. Performing alone, we watch a dancer whose image is constantly changing. Created in the first three months of the pandemic, this film is an expression of the tension and anxiety that I felt as lockdowns occurred around the world. It’s a story through dance about the difficulties in overcoming the very natural desire to touch someone; to make contact when it is now unsafe.


Choreography and Dance by: Alison Keery | Animation and Editing by: Mawrgan Shaw | Music by: Jacob Waxman

Mawrgan Shaw

| Biography

Mawrgan Shaw is a visual artist and animator based in Toronto, Canada, originally from Melbourne, Australia, who has a BA in Media & Communications and a Masters in Digital Film. Mawrgan’s art is inspired by our sense of self and the intersection with our physical reality, and how we move through and make meaning in the world. Mawrgan creates 2D frame-by-frame animation traditionally using mixed media: ink, marker, charcoal and watercolour, and digitally to explore texture and feel. Recently, Mawrgan has had her animated work featured in festivals in Canada, the United States, South Korea, and China, and has upcoming programming in Germany and Australia.

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