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Establet Pandemic Ballet


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Based on the play “Ballet Establet”, produced and premiered at the FIBA International Festival of Buenos Aires in January 2020, now the short film is produced in the pandemic context. We use technology as a support for a scenic discourse and as a tool to duplicate, interrogate, and question ourselves about our identity and the physicality of our dance. It is also a story about the problems, journeys, and dreams of three dancers in the Republic of Argentina.


Director: Silvina Helena Grinberg | Writer: Silvina Helena Grinberg | Producer: Silvina Helena Grinberg | Performers: Silvina Helena Grinberg, Diego Gómez, Liza Taylor

Silvina Helena Grinberg

| Biography

Silvina Grinberg graduated from the San Martin Theater Dance Workshop. Since 2000, she has been producing and directing her own productions such as “Los esmerados”, “El escondido”, “The escape of the worm”, among others. She has also choreographed for the San Martin Theater Ballet and directed at the Cervantes National Theater and TACEC. Having worked internationally in Chile, Italy, and Germany as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Silvina is currently president of the Cocoa Datei Civil Association.

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