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During the successive lockdowns, the lack of access to dance studios is often a reality. On social media, it has inspired a blooming of dance content produced from small spaces. If space limitation can, of course, be somewhat problematic, the situation also reminds me of what we were essentially doing as kids when our parents sent us to play in our tiny bedroom: inventing universes, stories, and personas. With this idea in mind, I wanted to celebrate the inner child creativity that feels the need to express itself and break out from the constraints of our present times.


Director: Antonin Comestaz | Producer: Korzo | Performer: Antonin Comestaz

Antonin Comestaz

| Biography

Antonin Comestaz is a French choreographer based in The Hague (NL). Characteristic for his work is its playful tone and a personal, inventive, and detailed dance vocabulary with elements borrowed from folk, mime, breakdance, commercial dance, ballet, contemporary dance, and cartoons. Within a piece, drastic shifts of styles and genres may occur, knitted together by a fine sensibility for the absurd (which is considered by him as synonymous with humor and defined as something that doesn’t make sense but nevertheless is instinctively understood).

Antonin regularly creates works under the wings of the Korzo production house in The Hague, but also for various companies and distinguished dance academies. Alongside choreography, Antonin composes music for his own works as well as commissions work for other choreographers.

Antonin graduated from the Paris Opera Ballet School in 1999 and went on to dance with the Paris Opera Ballet (1999-2000), the Hamburg Ballet (2000-2008), Tanz Theater München (2008-2010), Ballet Mainz (2010- 2012), and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (2012-2013). During his tenure at these companies, he has created several short pieces, including: “Flesh and Blood” selected at the 22nd International Choreographic Competition Hannover (2008), “Playground” (2009), and “She”, which received the 1st prize for the dancer, the 3rd prize for the choreography, and the audience award at the 14th Stuttgart International Solo Dance Theater Festival (2010).

In 2013, Antonin leaped into freelancing as a choreographer. That year he created the cross-genre piece “Out of the Grey”, commissioned by Korzo, which was one year later selected as one of the Priority Companies by the Aerowaves network. In 2015, he created and self-produced the duet “Then, Before, Now, Once more” which has been performed throughout the Netherlands and was invited to numerous international choreographic competitions and festivals.

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