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Ectopic Bodies

  • dance film | Austria


Ectopic Bodies was born out of a reflection on transhumanist ideas about the relevance of the Homo-sapiens-body. It deals with the concept of obsolescence through the portrayal of a speculative dystopian scenario. The body, a carcass that contains our human essence, is treated as a mere product, envisioning a transition to a post-human state.


Director: Andrea Vezga | Performers: Dorian Kaufeisen, Annika Ivanica, Andrea Vezga | Music: Marius S. Binder | Camera: Mario Ciperle

Andrea Vezga

| Biography

Andrea Vezga is a Costarican/Venezuelan contemporary dancer and performance artist. Based in Vienna since 2016, she continues to study and develop her own artistic work. She moved very young to Costa Rica, where she completed her BA in International Affairs and in Contemporary Dance at the National University of Costa Rica (2014). Upon graduation, she had the opportunity to be a guest choreographer for the Camera Dance UNA Company, where her piece PICTTO has been in the repertoire for four consecutive years and has been presented in Costa Rica, Mexico, and El Salvador. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to continue her training with different teachers in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Panama, Venezuela.

She has collaborated with artists such as Oleg Soulimenko, Doris Uhlich, Bouchra Ouizguen, Fred Herrera, Gisela Heredia, among many others. Her work focuses on interdisciplinarity, always concerned with topics revolving around the construction of identity and culture.

In January 2019, she completed her Master’s studies in Arts and Science at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and continues to work independently.

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