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BEYOND is the aesthetic response to one of humankind’s current strategies to handle a global pandemic. Removing oneself from civilization and detaching from whatever does not serve us anymore. Exploring new truths and roads to inner peace seems to be the only way to rise above collective anxiety. The film presents a number of absurd and surreal tableaus – a human beings’ awkward attempts of connecting with nature to only find herself more alienated than before. The lack of movement, the abstract non-moving dance, creates an interaction between inner and external motions. Like someone said: When you cannot go outside – go inside.


Director: Simone Wierød | Cinematography: Tim Panduro | Dancer: Christina Dyekjær | Sound: M€RCY

Simone Wierød

| Biography

Simone Wierød is a Danish choreographer based in Copenhagen.

Her work revolves around the question of how we, through the language of choreography, can address current agendas in society. Her main tool is bodily movement, but other choreographic elements in her works are objects, space, and sound.

She uses choreography as a tool to investigate and understand the cultural, social, and political context she lives and works in. A key concept for her work is functionality, as she values a simple aesthetic and use of minimal measures to achieve the expression wanted. She works from a conceptual base and uses a play with structures, kinetics, musicality, and dynamics as an essential part of her work.

Simone Wierød graduated from her dance education in 2014, and her work has so far been shown in 24 different countries on 4 continents. She has been awarded for her choreographic work, most recently for “SOLUS” and her ironic dance duet “WWW.”

Besides working as a choreographer she is a board member at Independent Choreographers (De Frie Koreografer), HAUT theatre, and a part of the team behind several choreographic festivals and art events in Copenhagen.

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