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Liquid Culture

  • dance film | Greece


The virus kept him inside for a long time. He is finally able to visit his favorite beach. His mind is relaxed and carried away with abstract thoughts, he decompresses. He gets a sweet sadness from the family playing nearby. The visit to the beach, the quarantine, all alone. It was his choice. He had ridden the liquid culture. Within a few minutes, he travels through the last 30 years, through time. What a ride! When he returned, the children were still playing. Director’s Statement The film plays with the notion of choices. It was conceived just after the first Covid19 quarantine while I was visiting my favorite beach for the first summer swim. Having spent a lengthy amount of time with myself, I felt lonely watching a family playing on the beach beside me. I immediately rationalized the feeling by thinking that every decision I have made up to now was a matter of choices that brought me to my present situation. These choices were also responsible for some amazing memories, many of them directly related to dance. On the same evening, I started working on this film, made from a video I shot during that swim and pictures I have taken from a weekly Butoh workshop I attended with Sumako Koseki. The loneliness went away…


Music, Video & Photography: Dimitris Barnias | Inspiration: Sumako Koseki | Dance: Lukas, Elisa Bennati, Maria Kora Maurta, Despina, Dora Riga, Stella Anagnostopoulou, Katerina Marinaki

Dimitris Barnias

| Biography

While searching for new artistic forms and experiences I have been involved with many alternative projects. I constantly search with experiments and crossovers to find the proper medium to transmit the timbre of my human filter. This is a never-ending process. Either the message transforms, or the medium evolves into something more direct that can be transmitted. My main artistic platform is music, while on the side I take pictures, shoot videos, and dance. I love to make music for dance, improvise on stage, and program for video, dance, and performances. At the core of my art is almost always a juxtaposition between the abstract and the real, while searching for my personal equilibrium.

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