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In a world where human touch is not allowed, how can two bodies manage to communicate through gaze, body, and voice? ‘The gravity in between’ is about two beings, one moment of their meeting, and many attempts of trying to repeat that moment. The main axis of the piece is a vanishing point that lasts about 15 seconds. At this reference point, there is a pause — time stops or loses its realistic mathematical dimension. Time dilates. The choreographic score is the trajectory of the two bodies before and after this vanishing point: when they don’t attract toward each other and when they have infinitesimal distance between them.


Choreography and Direction: Angelos Papadopoulos | Direction: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos | Original Music Composition: Jeph Vanger, Murmel | Interpretation and Co-creation: Danae Pazirgiannidi, Angelos Papadopoulos | Direction of Photography: Yorgos Margaris | Streaming: Petros Pantourov | Styling: Loukia Bouga | Production: Kalliopi Daflou

Angelos Papadopoulos

| Biography

Born in Athens (1991), Angelos Papadopoulos is a dance artist and director who steers purposely clear off the camera. He studied economics at the Athens University of Economics & Business and dance at the National School of Dance and the Greek National Opera Dance School.

Honored with Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship 2020-21 and Stegi Onassis Cultural Center Fellowship 2021. Founder of Cicada’s Call Dance Company and member of Atrial Civil Non-Profit Organization. He’s about to start the Choreography & Performance MRes program at the University of Roehampton.

In his work, Angelos is particularly interested in the notion of identity, especially his own. Her creatiοns are based on collaborations between themself and other artists. These collaborations lead to important encounters where both artists are engaged with a strong responsibility for the development of diverse performances.
Currently, motion, speech, audio, and video merge to explore physically and verbally the concepts of gender identity as well as the constructed constructive idea of time. He doesn’t want to speak a lot but they speak a lot. So, he tries to find a personal language that brings out the primitivity of human nature (through formalism, dramaturgy and abstraction). She hasn’t found yet how to express what he does for a living and they really enjoy that. He’s constantly performing, dancing, choreographing, and directing, especially in the context of house parties.
His short films have been screened in France, Georgia, Greece, Germany (2nd most voted short film), Mexico, Portugal, South America, U.S.A., and Spain.
Her performances have been shared in Greece, Germany and Spain.
Their ego has been highlighted in Syros island.

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