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Green Dawn


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Some women of the woods get infected by a mysterious green dawn…


In the frame of a dance workshop by Tetrapode Co. | Director: Fu Le | Dancers: Maya Eymeri, Mélodie Raymond-Dejoie, Valentine Fontaine, Marion Le Person | Composer: Olivier Lasson | Gaffer: Guillaume Krattinger

Fu Le

| Biography

Fu LE is an award-winning filmmaker and choreographer in the Tetrapode Dance Company in France. After graduating in sculpture at the Art Crafts National School in Paris, he trained in physical theater and contemporary dance in South America and Europe. He recently pursued his research in Taiwan, questioning social issues linked with urbanization. He is now evolving on the edge between dance, sculpture, and video, bringing visual arts to the intimacy of bodily sensations. His cinematographic approach is actually based on long-shot practice, and how to manage the choreography of the camera itself.

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