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Festival Tickets – two ways to watch!


This year, we are offering two ways to participate in the TANZAHOi festivities as we celebrate artistic innovation in dance and film with international performers, choreographers, and filmmakers. Our main program, Take Part in Another World from 3. – 5. Sept, will be hosted live in Hamburg at Metropolis Kino, featuring a daily line-up of live-streamed dance performances from Italy, Greece, and Mozambique and international dance film screenings curated with the theme “dance and image under the pandemic.” 

The Panorama Special Program from 10. – 11. Sept. will offer live in Hamburg at Kraftwerk Bille a dance-film hybrid performance with local artists, as well as feature online international dance film screenings and interactive stream performances from festival collaborators.

Not in Hamburg? Watch the entire program online with us from everywhere, right here on tanzahoi.org. Every evening’s program will conclude with an artist’s talk, an invitation for the artists to share more with the audience about their work. We can’t wait to see you there!

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