DIGI play DANCE – 2022 Program Announced


We are excited to announce our 2022 festival program, DIGI play DANCE! The title is inspired by the lyrics of the song "Ziggy Stardust" and the iconic character of David Bowie, whose 50th anniversary we celebrate this year.

For performing artists, the "digitalization of the concept" seemed to be a messiah that enabled them to speak their expanded imagination to an audience. Will we end up mastered by this new technology, or will we be able to master it and utilize it? This is the open question to be experienced, explored and explained through practice and presence in the digital spaces offered by artists. From 09.09 - 18.09 TANZAHOi will present 32 international dance films and 2 dance stream works at Metropolis Kino, 5 digital dance works at LICHTHOF Theater, and a Fringe Market program in Bewegungsraum. In addition, TANZAHOi is offering dance and digital workshops at Wiese eG, 16.09 - 18.09, as well as social spaces and opportunities to connect with the attending international artists and the local scene.

Congratulations to the selected artists. Below are the projects curated for the DIGI play DANCE program:

Digital Dance Work

Radical Dance Series (Argentina/Germany) / Fernanda Ortiz

∆topia (Greece) / Dani Joss, Drosia Triantaki, Die Wolke Art Group

Hand extension, inheritance of the palm – Mechanical Puppet Project (Taiwan) / Helin Luo

FALLA VR - The Exhibition (Canada/Germany) - Julia B. Laperrière

Eve 3.0 (France) / Margherita Bergamo Meneghini

Dance Stream

Brimming (Canada) / Josh Martin, Company 605

VERONIKA – 2GETHER/AL(L)ONE – (ON)LINE (Slovenia) / Jerca Rožnik Novak

Dance Film

Mother Melancholia (Germany) / Samantha Shay

Fringe (Canada/Germany) / Jasmine Ellis

Formosan Blue Magpie (Taiwan) / Peng Hsiao-yin

Our Planet Destiny (China) / Li Chen

Épicentre (France) / Anne Ngyuen

Troleibusas (UK/Lithuania) / Augusté Baltrunaite

SURRENDER (Bulgaria) / Kosta Karakashyan

Eymen - point of view (Czech Republic) / Lenka Kniha Bartůňková

Lamentation: Iconic (USA) / Rachael Servello

THREE (Japan) / Naoto Iina

Loïe Fuller - Die elektrische Fee (Germany) / Betina Kunztsch

Argento Vivo (Italy) / Gennaro Maione

A BODY IS (Spain) / Jaime Dezcallar

SILO (France) / Jérémie Bouillon

Fresh oranges into the ocean (Italy) / Silvia Giordano

My body has a story to tell (Azerbaijan) / Nihad Isa

Yurodivy (Australia) / Ryan Renshaw

Bound By Body (South Korea/Germany) / Minkyou Yoo

too many heroes (Austria) / Andrea K. Schlehwein

Gravity (Hong Kong) / Paul Shepherd

CONNECTED - Log In for Intimacy (Greece) / Penelope Morout

Time Garden: skull bridge (USA) / Scotty Hardwig

They Dance With Their Heads (Canada) / Thomas Corriveau

Bellydance Vogue (Lebanon) / Hadi Moussally

FIST (Netherlands) / Thomas Bos

IN-BOX (Mozambique) / Pak Ndjamena, Ivan Barros

Fantasma Neon (Brazil) / Leonardo Martinelli

Festival image and graphic by DanYu Chang