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July 31st

We are excited to announce the Fringe Market, an open stage for creatives and performers in Hamburg. Read below to find out how you can put on a show at TANZAHOi International Festival 2022!

| What is Fringe?

“Fringe” is a long-standing concept in the performing arts, originating in Edinburgh, Scotland, that offers freedom to artists to create and present work to an audience, independent of any kind of judgment-body. Without having to go through the process of juries, auditions, or applications, the artists can bring their ideas and experiments to fruition and be discovered by a wider public.

| TANZAHOi and the Fringe

Since the very first TANZAHOi Dance Film Festival three years ago, our curation team has had the impossible job of choosing which works will be in our program from our open call. Because there are so many factors that go into the selection process, we allowed ourselves to be inspired by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and offered in 2021 an online film library that we called the Fringe Market. Here, all artists, independent from our open call, could choose to include their films in the Fringe Market, allowing them to get exposure and visibility for their work.

As another open call comes to a close and our team begins to curate the upcoming program for 2022, TANZAHOi is excited to offer yet another stage to our artistic community.

| The Fringe Market 2022

From September 9 – 11, TANZAHOi will open our Festival Center in the Bewegungsraum (en: Movement Room), Gängeviertel to all artists and creatives who wish to present their work to local and international artistic colleagues and a local audience.

In the social space that our Festival Center offers, the artists who wish to present works-in-progress, excerpts of upcoming or past works, experimental concepts, and much more will be given the room and time to play how they wish. A range of topics, from those that handle political and cultural issues from queer rights, gender equality, immigration, feminism, etc. to non-specific political, conceptual, and abstract creation are ALL welcome to present on our stage. The Fringe Market is a great opportunity to exchange with local artists in the Hamburg scene as well as the visiting international artists from our Dance Film Festival program. Presenters will be able to get feedback about their work in a safe and social atmosphere, and create more buzz and awareness about upcoming works in the local scene!

| How does it work?

We are offering time slots on each day of the weekend, September 9 – 11, that the artist or group can select to put on their show. Each presentation slot will get 60 minutes, in which the presentation itself should not be longer than 30 minutes to allow for set-up and strike-down time. During the time slot, the artists are free to present what they wish to their audience.

The Bewegungsraum (Movement Room) in the Gängeviertel has a basic stereo sound system and open windows that allow daylight in the room. The windows can be covered if darkness is needed for the presentation. If the show requires a specific technical set-up, the festival technical team will be able to communicate with the group/artist to see what is possible to accommodate. Please note, the festival cannot cover rental costs for specific technical systems or for full time technicians to control a show if the project requires such support. The artists will be responsible, in this case, to search for their own financial support to cover these costs.

A main pillar of the “fringe” concept is the creation of community between the artists participating in the event. Beginning in June, TANZAHOi will launch the festival Discord server for our Fringe Market participants. This server will be an exchange platform where the artists can connect quickly, offering equipment, props, clothes, etc. to help each other keep budgets and one-time-use stage element waste low. By working and creating community towards the goal of the Fringe Market, we can create a more environmentally and economically sustainable performance space. Further details about the Discord server will be announced in the coming weeks.

| Our part

The festival will share information about the presentations on our online platform and over our social media channels. We provide the presenters with the space to create, as well as our technical advice, help with set-up, and communication infrastructure.

| Your part

You will need to organize your presentation so that it can be set-up, performed, and struck down within one hour with a maximum presentation time of 30 minutes. Part of the Fringe is self promotion and networking. We encourage all Fringe projects to engage their communities and stir up visibility for their performances parallel to the TANZAHOi promotion.

| How to put on a show

  • Follow the link to the form to choose your time slot and register your show with our team. 
  • Our team will inform you of the availability of your chosen time slot and begin communication about the technical needs of your show.
  • Promote your show using your social channels and personal community.
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Your questions about the Fringe Market will be gladly answered by our team. Send your inquiries to