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9. Sept // Day Pass

Metropolis Kino
  • Dance Film
  • Dance Stream

with this ticket, you will be able to view the full DIGI play DANCE program on Friday, Sept. 9 in Metropolis Kino. The program begins at 17:00 and will include:


DIGI Futures - with Po Wei Wang (Digital Art Center Taipei) and Fonds Darstellende Künste

Dance Films

Mother Melancholia (Germany)

Fringe (Germany)

Formosan Blue Magpie (Taiwan)

Our Planet Destiny (China)

Épicentre (France)

Troleibusas (UK/Lithuania)

SURRENDER (Bulgaria)

Eymen - point of view (Czech Republic)

The price offered for this ticket is the regular price for all visitors of TANZAHOi International Festival. We offer a reduced price for those visitors who cannot pay the regular price. 

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