| What kind of projects are considered For DIGI play DANCE?

We are searching for projects that use digital elements to combine dance, 2D mediums and 3D spaces. The presentation form the projects can take is open to installations using VR, AR, AI, Projection, 360° Camera, and performances that involve VR, AR, AI, Projection, 360° Camera, Film. Other, new forms of presentations/expreiences for the audience that may not fit into the two previously mentioned forms will also be considered. We are curious to see your new ideas about the integration of digital mediums with dance presentation, and are open to your creative insight and concepts!

The live presentations are planned to be shown in LICHTHOF Theater for a live audience during a period between 16:00 – 21:00, where the audience can come and go as they please in a galerie-like atmosphere. The time and scheduling of the presentations, however, will be adjusted depending on the types of projects that are chosen, and will be marketed accordingly.

| What is dance stream?

Dance stream is a digital form of performance where dance and camera combine to create a new perspective of the body for the audience.

Artists choose a location or venue to hold their performance and create dance in collaboration with the camera, using the lens intentionally to lead the eye of the audience to specific aspects of the performers or location.

The audience experiences the performance live through the cinema screen, as the performance is filmed and the signal is sent live to the audience to be broadcasted.

| How will the dance stream process work?

Your project should secure a venue in a location that fits the concept of the piece. In the venue, you and your tech team will set up cameras and the space. As the performance begins, the technicians will broadcast the live camera signal to Zoom, where it will be simultaneously screened in Hamburg at Metropolis Kino on one day between September 9 – 11.

Your project will be expected to hold at least two rehearsals with the festival technical director in order to check and clarify all technical needs for the live stream.

| If my project is not yet finished, or has not yet had a premier, can I still apply?

Yes. We are not looking exclusively for finished productions, but are also very curious to see how your concept will develop in the frame of our open call and festival curation.

| What criteria is the curation of the festival looking for in the DIGI play DANCE applications?

The projects in the digital dance category must combine dance with digital elements in order to be considered. The main point of interest for the open call is the transformation from 3D objects/bodies to 2D images or further digital dimensions. The perception of what dance can be and represent should be challenged through the project’s perspectives. Otherwise, the form and subject matter of the projects are not limited. Installations, projection, AI, AR, VR, but also other mediums are all acceptable.

The curation team will also be considering the use of the space in LICHTHOF Theater that the applicant indicates in their project application. Because multiple projects will be built in presented in the theater space, their interaction and compatibility is an aspect that must be taken into consideration.

Projects in the dance stream category should provide the audience with a new perspective to understand and experience the dancers and their surroundings that could not be created in a traditional theater setting. It is an opportunity for the audience and performers to side-step geographic boundaries, as the artists transport the audience into their worlds through the live stream medium.

Criteria such as the use of different camera perspectives, the choice of an intentional environment, and the interaction of the body or other dancing elements with the environment and camera will be used to select projects in this category.

| What is a tech rider, and why do I need to indicate where my project will be built in the theater in Hamburg?

A tech rider is a document that is created for a production that specifies all technical and organizational needs of a production. This is where you list the devices you will need, your set-up times, expected crew, and all your needs from the venue.

It is important for the technical team at our festival to know how you envision the set-up of your project in the space at LICHTHOF Theater. Your project will be accompanied by other projects within the rooms of the theater, and curation team must also be able to evaluate which projects will work spatially with each other.

| How much space can I use for my digital dance project at LICHTHOF Theater?

Though there is no limit on the space in the theater that you may use to realize the presentation of your project, you must consider that your project will be sharing the space with the other selected projects. It is important to keep in mind, the chosen projects will be curated in relation to one another, taking into consideration how they can be well received by the audience as an experience in the space.

Our curation team will make a pre-selection of projects which will be interviewed to find out more about the project concept and use of the space. During the pre-selection stage, our team hopes to learn more about if the needed-space can be adjusted to harmonize with the other projects of interest in LICHTHOF Theater. Based on these factors, the final selection of projects will be curated.

| How many projects will be selected For DIGI play DANCE?

The number of projects selected for presentation in September is dependent on the types of projects we receive, the effort needed to set-up the project, and how much space each project needs.

The number of dance stream projects selected is also dependent on length and project needs. All DIGI play DANCE applications will be selected through a pre-selection interview process. After the meetings, the curation team will make a final decision.

| How long should the presentation of my project be?

The presentation of the DIGI play DANCE projects is currently planned to take place September 14 – 18 from 16:00 to 21:00 each day. If your project is meant to be experienced in an installation-type presentation, the time is not limited and it will be open to the public during the entire duration of these opening hours.

If your project is meant to be experienced as a performance with a concrete start and end time, we expect your performance to run between 45 to 90 minutes. The concrete time of performance in this case will be communicated to the audience.

Dance stream performances are expected to be 45 – 60 minutes in length.

| Why do I need to write a budget for my DIGI play DANCE application, and what should the budget cover?

It is important for the festival to know how you plan to use the money that we are offering to realize your project, so that we can accurately and on a needs basis allocate the available money to the chosen projects.

For digital dance projects, the budget should be a MAXIMUM of €6,000 (six thousand euros), and should include the costs of realizing the physical set-up and production at LICHTHOF Theater in September, i.e. technical device costs, technical personnel, performer fees, transport costs, etc.

For dance streams, the budget should be a maximum of €4,000 (four thousand euros) and should include the costs of the technical realization of the live stream, i.e. technical device costs, technical personnel, performer fees, etc.

| How will the production week at LICHTHOF Theater look in September?

The two main set-up days for technical equipment, rehearsal, and testing are planned for Monday and Tuesday, September 12 – 13. We will have technicians in the theater from the festival to help with the set-up, but encourage projects with specialized technical equipment to plan their own technicians in the team and budget.

Depending on the needs of the productions and set-up times, the installations/performances will open to the public on Wednesday, September 14 until Saturday, September 17. Strike down is planned for Sunday, September 18.

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