Sept 9 - 11


12:00 - 17:00

We are excited to announce the Fringe Market, an open stage for creatives and performers in Hamburg. Join us this year from September 9 – 11 in the Bewegungsraum, Gängeviertel to experience the shows from our Fringe Market artists!


Thank you to all who participated and attended! Take a look back at the program this year.

Fri. 9 September

PandemieKörper // Soi Anifantis-Scherb // 14:00

PandemieKörper is a small excerpt from the process of dance research on the question “What does the pandemic do to my body?” The company is mixed-abled.

A form of human desire (what goes up…) // Ruben van den Belt // 15:00

An exercise in being. A shared undivided. What goes up must also come down. Growth comes to an end at some point. Maybe the emptiness can still be filled before we eventually disappear into it. In the grand scheme of things, start small.

Sat. 10 September

Facing Traces // Priiya Prethora // 14:00

What do we see when see ourselves? Reflected, submerged, distorted, echoed in the memories that live in our faces, through other faces, through traces of landscapes left behind. Finding races that live under the skin.

frozen shoulder, Hamburg // Hea Min Jung // 15:00

In “frozen shoulder, Hamburg”, Hea Min Jung plays with a perceived impairment, discovering new movements and inventing her own, new language. The performance opens a dialog with the imperfections of the audience, inviting them to reflect on their own body – beyond judgments of good and bad.

Tout-Alles // Charlotte Lefebvre with Chavirer Dance Company // 16:00

A person’s identity cannot exist without what surrounds him or her. We are not isolated beings; each individual is part of “tout”, “everything” – the great whole that functions around us and with us. As individuals, we stand side by side in a dependence on each other – in society, in nature, in the universe. Everything that surrounds us has an influence on us; on our feelings, on our encounters and on our experiences. In the end, the pandemic has made the power of nature and the power of the connections between individuals and a collective community even clearer. Faith and trust, fear and discouragement are omnipresent.

The piece Tout-Alles artistically explores the interconnectedness of human beings with all that surrounds them. The performance illuminates the role of the individual in society, and how this plurality of individuals forms a collective body that respects its individual components, but sometimes also crosses boundaries and tries to detach itself completely. But is that even possible? Is there life without connectedness?

Sun. 11 September

Feuerfrau // Eva Maurischat // 15:00

What can the future be for human beings if we protect ourselves from closeness? The emotional exchange with an individual person and also the emotions in social interaction are at the center of this. Through self-reflection and also through communicative exchange with other artists and people, I am currently developing an “emotional map. Through this, a red thread becomes clear to me, which makes a fictitious view into the future imaginable. In addition, there is the view of the triggers in the emotional level and its reactions. Our reason regulates which feelings should reach our counterpart in communication. Will the communication be much easier, rougher or more brutal…..etc.? The result is a solo dance performance with a length of about 30 minutes.

twentyfour hours // Wolfgang Maas // 16:00

Movement Research Project (lecture performance with film). What are the relations among the fields of movement, perception and cognition? We are presenting a lecture performance with parts of a 24 hours moving project (film). The research project is an ongoing process.

| What is Fringe?

| About the Fringe Market

The Fringe Market is an open invitation to use our Festival Center in the Bewegungsraum (en: Movement Room), Gängeviertel, for all artists and creatives who wish to present their work to local and international artistic colleagues and a local audience.

In the social space that our Festival Center offers, the artists who wish to present works-in-progress, excerpts of upcoming or past works, experimental concepts, and much more will be given the room and time to play how they wish. A range of topics, from those that handle political and cultural issues from queer rights, gender equality, immigration, feminism, etc. to non-specific political, conceptual, and abstract creation are ALL welcome to present on our stage. The Fringe Market is a great opportunity to exchange with local artists in the Hamburg scene as well as the visiting international artists from our Dance Film Festival program. Presenters will be able to get feedback about their work in a safe and social atmosphere, and create more buzz and awareness about upcoming works in the local scene!

Your questions about the Fringe Market will be gladly answered by our team. Send your inquiries to