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Fragmented Youth

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Fragmented Youth is a sensory-driven exploration into multi-layered nostalgia. Dancer Mathew Prichard and director Ewan Waddell rediscover an old friendship whilst capturing a movement language Mathew developed to reconcile fading memories of his childhood disability of deafness. On the fringes of lonely towns, while hitchhiking through Western Europe, the film depicts a world of eternal sunshine, conjuring idealized notions of youth. The eerie soundscape created by Ed Myhill pulls the audience into Mathew’s disorientating recollections of his early sensory existence. Fragmented Youth is a collaboration between dancer Mathew Prichard, director Ewan Waddell and sound designer Ed Myhill. As a profoundly deaf child, it was feeling the vibrations of the music that cultivated Mathew’s deep connection to movement. Mathew’s early dissociation with his immediate surroundings is represented by the borderless ambiguity of these environments.The analog processes of cinematography, the fragmented editing style, and the staccato sound score converge to emulate the incoherency of human memory, exploring the notion that nostalgia is not merely about recalling solitary experiences but also remembering how one felt at that time in life. Mathew explains: “Through improvisation, I aimed to move in the most honest, reactive way in that specific moment in space and time. The unexplored, undefined spaces in which the movement was created informed the unrefined nature of the movement.”


Director: Ewan Waddell, Mathew Prichard | Choreographer: Mathew Prichard | Dancer: Mathew Prichard | Cinematography: Ewan Waddell | Music: Ed Myhill | Costume: Kat Collings | Editing: Mathew Prichard

Mathew Prichard

| Biography

Mathew Prichard is a multi-disciplinary artist, currently based in Luzern, Switzerland. He is a contemporary dancer and a freelance photographer. Mathew is influenced by the physicality of bodies in motion, exploring the expression of the human form.

Mathew has been featured by numerous magazines including; Vogue Italia, WÜL Magazine, Pap Magazine, and TRIP Mag. In 2018, Mathew self-published his debut book, ‘Malnourished by Overindulgence’, compiling poetry and photography. His work was selected for the ‘FORMAT19’ International Photography Festival in 2019.

Mathew has worked as a dancer with companies including; Rambert Dance Company, National Dance Company Wales, The Royal Opera, and Marcat Dance. He is currently a company dancer with Tanz Luzerner Theater.

Ewan Waddell

| Biography

Ewan Waddell is a writer and art director currently based in Berlin, Germany. The themes of his work explore individual experiences and reconciliation with the self, while his visual narratives are found in the harmony between contemporary and lo-fi processes. Ewan’s work has been featured by Pap Magazine, Cortex, TRIP Mag, Nylon Japan, and Huck Magazine. He currently writes for Schön.

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