Fringe Market Performances @ Festival Center

Saturday 10. Sep 2022
12:00 GMT+1
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| Synopsis

Join us in the TANZAHOi Festival Center in the Bewegungsraum at Gängeviertel Fabrique. Here, we offer a meeting space for our international artists and local audience, a place for exchange, new connections, and information about the festival.

14:00 – 17:00 GMT+2
Fringe Market performances from local artists

frozen shoulder, Hamburg // Hea Min Jung // 15:00
In “frozen shoulder, Hamburg”, Hea Min Jung plays with a perceived impairment, discovering new movements and inventing her own, new language. The performance opens a dialog with the imperfections of the audience, inviting them to reflect on their own body – beyond judgments of good and bad.

Tout-Alles // Charlotte Lefebvre with Chavirer Dance Company // 16:00
A person’s identity cannot exist without what surrounds him or her. We are not isolated beings; each individual is part of “tout”, “everything” – the great whole that functions around us and with us. As individuals, we stand side by side in a dependence on each other – in society, in nature, in the universe. Everything that surrounds us has an influence on us; on our feelings, on our encounters and on our experiences. In the end, the pandemic has made the power of nature and the power of the connections between individuals and a collective community even clearer. Faith and trust, fear and discouragement are omnipresent.
The piece Tout-Alles artistically explores the interconnectedness of human beings with all that surrounds them. The performance illuminates the role of the individual in society, and how this plurality of individuals forms a collective body that respects its individual components, but sometimes also crosses boundaries and tries to detach itself completely. But is that even possible? Is there life without connectedness?

🔥 Free for all to attend 🔥

Read more about the Fringe Market concept at tanzahoi.org/fringe-market

Der Bewegungsraum
Im Gängeviertel
Valentinskamp 34a
20355 Hamburg

| Credits

Thanks to the team at Bewegungsraum for supporting our festival with their space

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