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Bound By Body

Minkyou Yoo
Saturday 10 September 2022
20:15 GMT+1
Metropolis Kino
  • Dance Film
South Korea / Germany

| Synopsis

Siamese twins with two bodies connected as one. The two do not recognize each other, but they do recognize each other a little through the illusion of looking through the window. Their bodies are attached but their minds are far apart, and they gradually become conscious of each other and become one through dance.

Director Statement
I have been making dance films with my thoughts on what it would be like to approach dance in a cinematic way. Because I am not a dancer myself, nor did I learn it, but body, movement and dance have always been my subjects.
This movie was special to make a dance performance that had already been completed into a movie. The abstract things in contemporary dance are expressed through new characters and camera gazes, movements, and montages.
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| Credits

Cast – Seulki Hwang, Florian Valentine Entenfellner
Director / Director of photography / Edit / Sound Design – Minkyou Yoo
Assistant Director – Eunhye Byun
Assistant Camara – Dongmin Shin
ADR Operator / Music – Vincent Michalke

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