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BARDO, Jasmine Fan’s newest choreographic project, combines dance, film, live-stream, and choreography to create a fluid form of documentation and performance. Dancing camera movement immerses the audience in the story of the encounter of a young soul and his teacher in the transitional realm of the Tibetan Bardo, a place between heaven, hell, and rebirth. As the soul is conflicted with the choice of rebirth or dissolution to Nirvana, the fleeting subtleties of his blurred thoughts are captured with a one-shot camera, integrated seamlessly into the motion of the performers.


Concept / Choreography / Artistic Direction: Jasmine Fan
Performers: Damien Fournier, Victor Mateos Arellano, Isabella Boldt, Tien Yi-Wei, Kai-Chun Chuang, Janan Laubscher, Nils Löfke
Camera: Martin Klukas
Composition / Sound Design: Lorenzo Romano
Costume Design: Julio Escudero
Stage Design: Yi-Jou Chuang
Assistant Stage Design: Mu-Heng Tsai
Light Design / Photography: Tobias Hoops
Technical Direction: Doria Worden
Sound Technician: Robert Prior
Stream/Video Technician: Diana Sanchez
Production Director: Jesse Oesterling
Dramaturgy: Jean-Claude Mondot

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. #TakeAction, NEUSTART KULTUR NPN-STEPPING OUT, Claussen-Simon-Stiftung.

Thanks to Epson, pflanzmich.de, Classhof Dittmern, Gallery Stobbe – Paidere – Mondot, TANZAHOi, Dachverband freie darstellende Künste Hamburg e.V., Wiese e.V.

Jasmine Fan

| Biography

Hamburg-based Taiwanese choreographer and filmmaker Jasmine Fan uses her creative powers to create dance films and works for live audiences, sometimes combining the two to conceive multi-layered, artistic spectacles. She completed her classical dance training with a bachelor’s degree in dance and film at the National University of Arts Taiwan. In 2012, she moved to Hamburg to pursue her Master’s in Film at HFBK, graduating in 2017 with her dance film A Walk in Mermaid’s Shoes. As a freelance artist in Hamburg, Jasmine has received funding from the Kulturbehörde für Kunst und Medien, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Fonds Performing Arts, and Claussen-Simon Stiftung for her multimedia dance works OHNE ZWEI and MUDRA, her research project Zero of Order, and her film project BARDO. In addition to her performative work, Jasmine is the founder and curator of the TANZAHOi International Festival, launched in 2018, which offers workshops, a dance film platform, and exchange opportunities for international directors, dancers, and choreographers.

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