BIS 15. FEBRUAR 2023

To The Moon

Freitag 3. Nov 2023
20:00 GMT+1
Metropolis Kino
  • Tanzfilm

| Synopsis

One year, there was a sudden plague in Beijing. Almost everyone had it, and there was no cure. The Jade Rabbit became a young girl. She went from house to house and cured many people. In order to thank the Jade rabbit, people molded the image of the Jade rabbit with mud. Every day on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, every family would worship her, and affectionately called her “Rabbit man”.

| Credits

Director: Two-One
Executive Director: Chaoyi Wang
Cinematographer: Weicai Zang
Assistant cameraman: Surui Liu
Post-production: Two-One
Costume Design: Juan Wu
Make up: Yang Zhang, Shulan LiKey


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| Biographie