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Fringe Market Performances @ Festival Center

Sonntag 11 September 2022
12:00 GMT+2
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Join us in the TANZAHOi Festival Center in the Bewegungsraum at Gängeviertel Fabrique. Here, we offer a meeting space for our international artists and local audience, a place for exchange, new connections, and information about the festival.

14:00 – 17:00 GMT+2
Fringe Market performances from local artists

Feuerfrau // Eva Maurischat // 15:00
What can the future be for human beings if we protect ourselves from closeness? The emotional exchange with an individual person and also the emotions in social interaction are at the center of this. Through self-reflection and also through communicative exchange with other artists and people, I am currently developing an “emotional map. Through this, a red thread becomes clear to me, which makes a fictitious view into the future imaginable. In addition, there is the view of the triggers in the emotional level and its reactions. Our reason regulates which feelings should reach our counterpart in communication. Will the communication be much easier, rougher or more brutal…..etc.? The result is a solo dance performance with a length of about 30 minutes.

twentyfour hours // Wolfgang Maas // 16:00
Bewegungsforschungsprojekt (Lecture Performance mit Film). Was sind die Beziehungen zwischen den Bereichen Bewegung, Wahrnehmung und Kognition? Wir präsentieren eine Lecture Performance mit Teilen eines 24-stündigen Bewegungsprojekts (Film). Das Forschungsprojekt ist ein fortlaufender Prozess.

🔥 Free for all to attend 🔥

Read more about the Fringe Market concept at tanzahoi.org/fringe-market

Der Bewegungsraum
Im Gängeviertel
Valentinskamp 34a
20355 Hamburg
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Thanks to the team at Bewegungsraum for supporting our festival with their space