BIS 15. FEBRUAR 2023

Fringe Market Performances @ Festival Center

Samstag 10. Sep 2022
12:00 GMT+1
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| Synopsis

Join us in the TANZAHOi Festival Center in the Bewegungsraum at Gängeviertel Fabrique. Here, we offer a meeting space for our international artists and local audience, a place for exchange, new connections, and information about the festival.

14:00 – 17:00 GMT+2
Fringe Market performances from local artists

frozen shoulder, Hamburg // Hea Min Jung // 15:00
In “frozen shoulder, Hamburg”, Hea Min Jung plays with a perceived impairment, discovering new movements and inventing her own, new language. The performance opens a dialog with the imperfections of the audience, inviting them to reflect on their own body – beyond judgments of good and bad.

Tout-Alles // Charlotte Lefebvre with Chavirer Dance Company // 16:00
A person’s identity cannot exist without what surrounds him or her. We are not isolated beings; each individual is part of “tout”, “everything” – the great whole that functions around us and with us. As individuals, we stand side by side in a dependence on each other – in society, in nature, in the universe. Everything that surrounds us has an influence on us; on our feelings, on our encounters and on our experiences. In the end, the pandemic has made the power of nature and the power of the connections between individuals and a collective community even clearer. Faith and trust, fear and discouragement are omnipresent.
Das Stück Tout–Alles erkundet auf künstlerische Weise jene Verbundenheit des Menschen mit allem, was ihn umgibt. Die Performance beleuchtet die Rolle des Einzelnen in Gesellschaft, und inwiefern diese Pluralität von Individuen einen kollektiven Körper formt, der seine einzelnen Bestandteile achtet aber manchmal auch Grenzen überschreitet und versucht, sich völlig zu lösen. Doch ist das überhaupt möglich? Gibt es ein Leben ohne Verbundenheit?

🔥 Free for all to attend 🔥

Read more about the Fringe Market concept at tanzahoi.org/fringe-market

Der Bewegungsraum
Im Gängeviertel
Valentinskamp 34a
20355 Hamburg

| Credits

Thanks to the team at Bewegungsraum for supporting our festival with their space

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