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Dance Film Awards 2022


Congratulations to our dance film makers! This year, the films in our selected program competed for the following three awards, presented on Sept. 11, 2022 in Metropolis Kino.

Jury Award

decided by:

Zara Gayk // Board member of the TANZRAUSCHEN Festival (Germany)
Virginie Aubry // Head of cultural dissemination and promotion of the CN D’s collections (France)
Regina Lissowska // Curator of Short Waves Festival / Dances with Camera (Poland)


SILO by Sarah Adjou and Jérémie Boullion

Special mention:

IN-BOX by Pak Ndjamena and Ivan Barros

Claussen-Simon-Stiftung Feature Award

decided by stART.up-Alumna from Claussen-Simon-Stiftung:
Julia Küllmer
Faezeh Nikoozad
Si-Ying Fung
René Reith


Bellydance Vogue by Hadi Moussally

Audience Choice Award

The audience vote for their favorite films throughout the festival by giving each film an evaluation of 1 through 5. The film with the highest points average at the end of the film program is awarded the Audience Choice Award.


IN-BOX by Pak Ndjamena and Ivan Barros

1st runner up:

Fantasma Neon by Leonardo Martinelli

2nd runner up:

Épicentre by Anne Nguyen