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Sebastian Heindorff

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Sebastian Heindorff has been working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer since 2017. He studied Japanology and Art History and completed his studies in 2017 with a thesis on contemporary Japanese Art after Fukushima, receiving the title of Master of Arts. During his studies, he worked as a production assistant at ZDF in Mainz (2011-2013) and since 2013 as a freelance cameraman. Besides commercial work, he creates films in the art context. These include, for example, the three-part series “The Appointment” (2018), in which curators, art critics, and art promoters explain Korean positions in contemporary art. This series was created in Seoul in cooperation with the magazine KubaParis. In addition, Sebastian Heindorff creates artist portraits with the collective No Man Is An Island, including the ceramist Michiko Shida from 2019 and the dancer Takako Nishi under the title Un/Concious (2019). He is currently working on another series of portraits of contemporary Japanese artists and creative professionals in collaboration with the online magazine Sabukaru.

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