TANZAHOi is an internationally-broadcasted dance and dance film festival. In 2018, the festival began with dance workshops at Hochschulsport Hamburg, and, in 2020, was expanded to include a dance film program curated from an international open call. Thanks to the support of the Claussen-Simon-Stiftung and the #TakePart program from Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., TANZAHOi gained more visibility in the international scene with their festival last year. In 2022, the festival began a new exchange program, TANZAHOi – Bottle Post, focussing on educational seminars and the screening of digital dance work. The first edition took place in Taipei (Taiwan). The same program will be brought to Tanzrauschen Festival in Wuppertal (Germany) in August 2022, and a new Bottle Post, with the main festival program from this year, is foreseen in 2023 in Paris (France).

Thus, the focus of the festival, as a whole, is on the global, multinational connection of dance, film, and digital arts. In this respect, TANZAHOi is developing the potential to create sustainable paths in the interactive connection of arts, culture and politics. Striving to build different international bridges, the festival opens their platform to artistic – as well as professional and cultural – exchange through dance and dance film.

| Looking back on past festivals


Beginning 2022 with new expansions, TANZAHOi hosted its first ever festival tour in Taipei with the launch of its Taiwan Bottle Post program. An extension of the main festival program in September, the touring concept was focused around academic seminars from researchers in the field of dance and film. Professionals like Po-Wei Wang of the Digital Art Center, Taipei and Kerstin Hamburg of TANZRAUSCHEN hosted discussions that drew examples from and brought focus on the dance films and dance streams from TANZAHOi’s 2021 program, which were screened alongside the seminars for live and virtual audiences.


TANZAHOi hosted the first live dance film festival in Hamburg. The main program with the selected films from the year‘s open call was presented in Metropolis Kino accompanied by 3 live-streamed performances from Italy, Greece, and Mozambique.

The Panorama Special Program brought both a live and a virtual audience to the Kraftwerk Bille Kesselhalle, where the premier of BARDO was presented along with dance films and a 360 degree virtual experience from festival collaborators.


In September 2020 we hosted our first digital festival and also our very first International Dance Film Festival! With over 20 films from artists across the world, we brought the artists and our audience together via Livestream across three platforms over the course of the festival weekend. Each evening was accompanied by an artist talk via Zoom, sparking more international exchange opportunities.


Again offering dance workshops in cooperation with Hochschulsport Hamburg, a network between the international artists and the dancers in Hamburg began to form, opening the way for further expansion of international dance exchange in the city in 2020 and beyond.

Gaga workshops from Gosia Mielech, ballet workshops from Karen Azatyan (Hamburg Ballet), Meng-Ke Wu (NDT), partnering workshops from Marion Sparber & Alan Fuentes Guerra, collision and flow workshops from Damien Fournier (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui), organic acrobatic workshops with Alexandros Anastasiadis (Ultima Vez) with participants from over 4 continents!


During the very first year of TANZAHOi, in cooperation with Hochschulsport Hamburg, artists from different professional dance groups across several countries offered weekend workshops. The participants of the workshops received three days of intensive training in unique dance styles originating with the companies and/or countries the teachers came from.

Gaga workshops from Chen-Wei Lee, partnering workshops from Marion Sparber & Alan Fuentes Guerra, touching beyond workshops from Ching-Ying Chien (Akram Khan), Jazz workshops with Saba Peduek

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